How does it work?

Welcome to our website!

You have to REGISTER as a buyer or seller on our website. Wait for your APPROVAL to be a user of our platform. The security of our platform is high priority, so every user will be checked before approval.

If you have products waiting to be transported, click on TENDER to create your transport tender. Choose the PICKUP and DELIVERY points and describe the product, quantity, delivery period as well as any other delivery requirements. SUBMIT your tender to be quoted on. Now you WAIT for the quotes to be submitted on your listed tender.

You will receive EMAIL NOTIFICATION if on or more quotes were made on your listed tender. You then CHOOSE THE ONE QUOTE you deem to be satisfactory for the task at hand. A CONTRACTURAL NOTIFICATION will be send to you (the tenderer) as well as the transporter (the quotee).

This is a FREE service to you, the tenderer. Now you sit back and wait for your product to be delivered!